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About us

Marc-th company was established in 1989 as a family business. It started from manufacturing small plastic items. Our first product was plastic toy-airplane. Success of the toy selling let us to expand on the absorptive Polish market, so we have started production of many other items. Our production divided into two sections – plastic household items and cloth hangers.

Next stage of development of our company was expansion on professional hangers market. We have reached leading position in this section in a very short time. We have focused on designing quality products and on making wide range of this kind of items that will satisfy many different market needs. It was a great success – we sold our items (and we are still selling) to big cloth companies, professional hanger retailers and also to small cloth companies. Many years of work in this sector granted us with trust from our clients. They are guarantee of the quality of our products.

We are in the leading position in producing plastic household items in Poland. We are trying to reach the best results in achieving products quality and functionality. We do not forget about prices! All our items have been approved for food contact – we have certificates and approvals.

Currently we have 110 employees. In 2011 we made several relevant changes in production lines – we have introduced automatic production. We combine all cutting-edge solutions that are used by worldwide renowned companies. This is the secret of our success, it helps us to develop production. The main goal for upcoming years is to increase export sales. We have a great experience in foreign trade – we sell items to countries such as: Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic, and also to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and many more!

We are trying to satisfy our customers’ needs in 100%. Experience gained throughout more than 20 years, our knowledge of European market and our attitude to constantly develop the company are proof that we are one of the best trade partners! If you still do not cooperate with us, do not hesitate with asking, we would gladly start production for you!

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